Mobile Art Park- Steph M

26 11 2008

The Roosevelt Island Universal Arts Center is made up of a system of interconnecting floating barges. Each barge can hold a variety of items such as skate parks, forests, wind turbines, tennis courts artist studios and much more. There are two levels to each barge and the upper level floats on a platform above the other. The barges come in different sizes depending on the activity that is on them and are able to connect in multiple different ways. Situated around Southpoint Park on Roosevelt Island NY, this park network incorporates art into everyday life.











– Steph M


The first LEED car park- Monica

7 11 2008

This website gives a description of the first LEED parking garage. This parking garage creates it own energy from solar panels on the roof, uses storm water as grey water for landscaping and on site facilities.  It was built from recycled materials and there are many other features that make it environmentally friendly.

I think this is such a good idea because parking lots are known for being vast areas of wasted space and in the case of parking garages ugly cement buildings, this example proves that they can be aesthetically pleasing beautiful buildings. It is a step in the right the direction and one that should be used in the design of all new  and old parking garages.

Energy Seed Battery Collection Lamp- Steph

18 10 2008

This site provides articles on almost everything you can think of that is now green. It covers green clothes, new green technologies, and even gives you tips on how to be greener.

While I was exploring I found an article on a product called the Energy seed. This is a lamp where you store your old, used up AA batteries, instead of throwing them out, and they power this Energy Seed Lamp. It is a lamp for your side walk and only takes 2 old batteries to start running.












– Steph M.

Solar powered appliances- Steph

14 10 2008

This website is for a store in Hollywood Florida which sells energy saving and renewable energy products. They sell everything from solar panelled refrigerators and water heaters to battery chargers.

– Steph M.