Green Roofs (Alex)

3 12 2008

The benefits of green roofs are incredible. After listening to the lecture on rooftop gardens and green roofs, I decided to incorporate it into the design of my different ED2 projects. After researching green roofs the benefits became more and more obvious. For instance, installing green roofs helps to reduce water retention from water runoff which can also reduce the risk of flooding, which in Winnipeg is an excellent resource. Green roofs help to filter the air, and the numerous types of vegetation it has on it helps to act as a sound insulator. Green roofs also help to reduce the need to replace or fix roofs every couple of years.

The other main benefit of having a green roof, it that is it quite obviously aesthetically pleasing to the eye. With various green patches and different types of vegetation it gives off a natural and comfortable feeling. This space can therefore easily be used as a social space such as a patio or lounging area. Different types of green roofs can also be created such as an intensive green roof that includes more flowers and vegetation that needs to be kept and maintained more, and the extensive green roofs with more trees and shrubs that require less time and energy to maintain and is also less expensive.

An area in Winnipeg that has taken over the aspect of a green roof is Mountain equipment co-op. They use both wood and different types of vegetation along with recycled metals to create a sustainable and ecologically friendly building. The Green roof also consists of native plant sand flowers that retain up to 75% of water runoff. (




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