Green Roofs- Monica

30 11 2008

Green roof is a term that is frequently thrown around and how they should be  implemented on many buildings in urban settings to increase the green space in these environments. However the benefits are rarely spoken about which there are many of. So he we go; they reduce energy demand on space conditioning, and hence greenhouse gas emission, through direct shading of the roof, evapotranspiration and improved insulation values. They also improve storm water management if sufficiently implemented in an urban area, part of the rain is stored in the growing medium temporarily and will be taken up by the plants and returned to the atmosphere through evapotranspiration, they also delay run-off into sewage systems and therefore helping to reduce the frequency of combined sewage overflow events. The plants and the growing medium can also filter out airborne pollutants washed off in the rain, improving the quality of run-off.  They can also increase membrane durability, and  provide additional green space in urban areas which can improve the mental attitude of people in the city.

If green roofs are practised on a wide scale in a city it can help reduce the heat island affect. All of these benefits help to improve the quality of the city with improved air conditions, from increased photosynthesis, and less pressure of the cities resources during storms and heavy rain.  They are also aesthetically pleasing and provide a haven for city dwellers.




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