Gardens: Lauren Pritchard

30 11 2008

Thursday November 27th we had a guest lecturer. The lecture she gave was cocerning gardens. She discussed many different forms of gardens, more specifically she talked about roof gardens.

20080708 Chicago City Hall Green Roof.JPGA green roof atop Chicago’s City hall.

Roof gardens offer many benefits to a building. In addition to replacing the vegetation it destroyed in the construction of the site, roof gardens also are aesthetically pleasing, they can provide food, habitat, temperature control, and so much more to a space. They are really a beautiful way to give back to the environment.

The guest speaker mentioned that she believed the most effective way of creating more garden roofs would to be to make it mandatory in city planning. Many cities offer incentives or tax breaks to building s who incorporate green roofs into their buildings design. This has proved to be effective in encouraging developers to create green roofs. Germany offers incentives to its developers.   “The highest density of green roofs occurs in Germany, widely considered a leader in green roof research, technology and usage, where it is estimated that 10% of all flat roofs are green.”

Many people choose not to include to incorporate green roofs in their buildings design because they don’t see the benefits, its construction is to expansive, or they just are unaware of green roofs. Canada along wtih America have not really jumped on the green roof band wagon for many of the reasons listed above. Being as we live in Winnipeg, a very cold city many months of the year, many feel that our environment is not suitable for garden roofs, however Chicago is one of the leaders in green roofs, and there climate is not terribly different then ours. So it can be done.
 This is an image of what Chicago wishes the arial view of the city would look like. Imagine having a city where the majority of roofs are green roofs. This is a great site I used in researching garden roofs. This is a Guide to Chicago’s Green Roofing. Very interesting.




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