Relief Architecture+ Lauren Pritchard

28 11 2008

As we learned from Edd’s lecture last Thursday, natural disasters such as flooding can have a huge impact on design, not only in the planning of the original structure, but also in what comes next.

Dealing for what comes after the tragedy is the next step. This summer I bought a book publsihed by Architecture for Humanity, “Design like You Give A Damn.”  Relief Architecture is an area I am very interested in.  I feel it is a way in which good design can improve the quality of peoples lives.

“Architecture for Humanity represents the finest of the new breed of architectural leadership, employing architectural skills and directing them for the larger good. Committed, unapologetic ally architectural in name and mission, Architecture for Humanity stands up for people in need.”
– Robert Ivy, Editor in Chief, Architectural Record

Architecture for Humanity is involved in everything from relief efforts the day after the disaster in providing the neccessary shelter to the displaced, to eventually helping communities rebuild the site, making it  a home once a gain. There work is invaluable, and appreciated by so many.


Above is a picture of one of Architecture for Humanities projects in Sri Lanka.

“the team developed Safe(R) House, a dwelling designed to resist the force of a tsunami as well as flooding. The designers emphasized the use of locally available materials and building methods to make the house both cost effective and easy to replicate.”




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