Green Roofs

27 11 2008

Rooftop Gardens have become an integral part of design in our lives. As our age grows as designers, green roofs and rooftop gardens are going to be even more popular. So what are the benefits of this design? 

 – aesthetically pleasing
 – reduce city heat island effect
 – reduce carbon dioxide impact
 – lengthen roof life
 – reduces noise
 – reduces storm water runoff
 – improves air quality

In Winnipeg, Mountain Equipment Co-op is a leader in sustainable building. From the moment they began to build and to now, with their green roof and composting toilets they are ahead of the rest.

Mountain Equipment Co-op Store Website 

In terms of sustainable buildings in Winnipeg, the new Manitoba Hydro Building is expected to be one of the most sustainable buildings in the world. It’s green roof will be inhabited by mosses, grasses and lichens. Also, with a low key green roof, you do not have to water it. 

New Manitoba Hydro Project

More on Manitoba Hydro Building

– Kayla Schlosser




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