After the Flood: Building on Higher ground and Flood Architecture- Steph M

26 11 2008

During Thursday’s lecture Professor Epp talked about the International Centre for Flood Architecture.  Flooding is a major issue all over the world right now and with global warming and rising sea levels it will continue to get worse. As Winnipeg is situated in the Red River flood plain we are also faced with many of these problems, specifically during spring runoff and with the eroding banks of the river. Currently the solution to this Winnipeg problem is to contain the river and channel it into the flood way during times of high water. After Hurricane Katrina, designers all over the world began to really think about better ways to design around water. “After the Flood: Building on Higher Ground” was an exhibit that presented proposals for replacement housing and redevelopment in New Orleans. This exhibit, composed of six spaces, shows maps, photos, and videos from the hurricane and the damage that it caused as well as new proposals for the reconstruction of the city.

Eight Inc. Received a top award for their design of a high density, 12 story, 160 unit housing community. The building is located by the Mississippi River on a high ground site and consists of commercial and residential units.


Anderson Anderson Architects also won a top award for their design of Camelback Shotgun sponge garden. This is also a high density housing unit but the landscape was designed to act as a sponge and absorb climatic impacts and slowly filter capture water and energy back into their natural ecosystems.

 Camelback Shotgun sponge garden

-Steph M




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