23 11 2008

This site provides some useful diagrams and references for sound:

A definition for the term “sound” was obtained from Websters online dictionary,

Main Entry:
Middle English soun, from Anglo-French son, sun, from Latin sonus, from sonare to sound; akin to Old English swinn melody, Sanskrit svanati it sounds
13th century
1 a: a particular auditory impression : tone b: the sensation perceived by the sense of hearing c: mechanical radiant energy that is transmitted by longitudinal pressure waves in a material medium (as air) and is the objective cause of hearing2 a: a speech sound <a peculiar r-sound> b: value in terms of speech sounds <-cher of teacher and -ture of creature have the same sound>3archaic : rumor , fame4 a: meaningless noise bobsolete : meaning c: the impression conveyed : import5: hearing distance : earshot <within sound of your voice>6: recorded auditory material7: a particular musical style characteristic of an individual, a group, or an area <the Nashville sound>

There is also some good information on sound at

Another site to check out is which is an online source for architectural acoustic information that pertains to our most recent lecture
I did a small investigation into the structure of the ear and how it is able to distinguish and interpret sounds.  Here is a diagram of the ear from




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