Sound, Acoustics, & Architecture

23 11 2008

Learning the important role of sound and acoustics in the world of architecture was an interesting topic to say the least.  The many dimensions of architecture keep unveiling themselves to me and improving my overall understanding of the subject.  I often reflect on the massive impact music has not only on architecture and design but a mulititude of asoects in my life.  Music and sound is everywhere.  My sense of hearing is how I relate to and observe the world around me.  Sound evokes a response in me in many ways, wether it be for pleasure, sounds of warning, sound perceptions, cultural sounds, sounds for holidays, etc.  Most of the events in my life are associated with sounds that make them unique and distinguishable.

It is so interesting to see how the use of sound and music has evolved in so many ways depending on cultures and geographical locations.  Also how architecture has transformed to be able to provide different levels of auditory experiences for its audience.  An example is shown below to contrast the evolution of these acoustic architectural spaces.


-Vikki Drapeau




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