The affect of sound- Monica

23 11 2008

The lecture on sound last week conveyed the importance of how architecture can influence sound in many ways. Buildings affect the way sound travels and hence how it is received by the listener. Some spaces can create an echo, while some structures project the sound outward, both of these have different affects of how the sound is perceived by the listener and can create a completely different experience. When a building is being designed it is important to take into consideration what sound affects the building is required to provide for example a theatre and an art museum will want 2 different affects.

This lecture got me thinking about how sound can have an affect on the built world and how it can have a social impact on the surrounding area. After some research I discovered a device that prevents loitering of teens and children in shopping malls and other public areas. This device is an electronic device that emits a high pitched buzz, that is audible mostly to young people whose hearing is still fully sensitive at high frequency. Since older people are typically unbothered by it, this device has become increasingly popular with municipalities. school boards and businesses as an after hours deterrent to gangs, vandals and large gatherings of teens.

In the Vancouver suburbs of Maple Ridge and P.H. Meadows, these devices are credited with lowering vandalism on the outside of schools by nearly 40%.

These sound devices help create a more friendly environment by driving a large majority of undesirables from the region, they also help maintain buildings because of reduced vandalism on the built environment.

This is just one of many ways that sound has an influence on the built world and the environment that the built world provides




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