Sound (Alex)

21 11 2008


Our ears are an extremely sensitive part of our body. We can hear different sounds at different intensities. The sounds that we do hear are extremely important as most sounds provide information on the area or circumstance that we may be a part of.

Music is something that our ears hear a lot of. This is important to our human nature because music is and had been a part of all of our lives for centuries. All cultures have some sort of music as a part of their lives. The way that ears and people hear different sounds or different musical melodies can alter the different reactions and feelings that people have. For example happy upbeat music can cheer people up or make people happy, low soulful music can make someone sad, or feel mellow. Music has the ability to evoke emotion that fires our sense in the ear.

Sound also relates to architecture. Different historical buildings can be related to different sounds. For example the Coliseum evokes sounds like shouting and cheering, as were the sounds that were heard when games were played in the stadium. Different cathedrals were built to large scales, and when you travel there you hear the sounds of such chants such as the Gregorian chant, which hollows when it is sung in large cathedrals.  Other spaces such as a baby’s room would provoke soft lullaby sounds as to not disturb the baby but calm it.

I enjoy how music and different sound can affect people and buildings in many ways. With greater appreciation of sound and exactly what the ear can hear, I hope to learn from this when starting to design what I will design, and maybe listen to what sound that room or building may provoke in me.




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