Landscape and sound (Alex)

20 11 2008

If you walk down the street at any given time you will hear different sounds. Some sounds may friegten you, some you may embrace. What distinguishes these sounds from one another. What makes one person like the sound of a dog barking, while driving someone else crazy. Our ears are sensitive to sound. They attract different waves which directs it to our brain which acknowledges it as a sound that we like or we don’t.

So it is actually our brain that is telling us what sounds are good, what sounds are bad, what is scary and what is comforting. A friend of mine grew up in the North End, around alot of street noise, and sometimes even disturbances. When she walks around a area at night such as Linden woods, she finds it scary because it is so silent. I find it comforting because I grew up around a similar area.

In a house down the block a neighbor put up Christmas lights with carols playing in the background. I love it. I grew up with Christmas music playing all through December and embrace all aspects of the Christmas season. Other people want him to shut it off completely. They consider it a disturbance. Maybe they don’t like Christmas, maybe they like the solitude sound of silence better.

So why do we react to sound in different ways. Our brain recalls memories and links it to different sounds, but it is also personal preference. What sounds may int erupt one persons life style may enhance anther. To create a balance would be difficult but learning to adjust to the different sounds around you, to some may be easy, but to others may find it impossible.




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