Acoustics and Flood Architecture

20 11 2008

In today’s class, the topics were acoustic architecture and flood architecture. It is very interesting to learn about all the aspects of architecture that I have never thought about before. The fact that even seating can have a difference on the acoustics of your space is eye-opening. Soft seating can absorb the sound which wouldn’t be helpful in a place where you want the sound to project. 

Flood architecture is something very interesting as well because for our studio project right now, our city is stage one of a city that will flood. Water feels as if it is in abundance but in reality much of this water we cannot drink and the rest is tied into glaciers. Professor Epp discussed the International Centre for Flood Architecture. This immediately reminded me of a community I found on the internet a few years ago where their homes are literally built for water.

They are dutch homes built to accommodate rising water levels.

p14a Dutch Homes

As well there are a few ship projects intended to create a residential community aboard a ship. One right now is “The World” Ship.

Another one is Freedom Ship.

freedomship Freedom Ship

This ship’s intent is to create the world’s largest ship which is essentially a floating city which tours the world.

The change to create floating cities is the direction that architecture is going to have to take on the Western Side of the world. Hurricane Katrina and other deadly factors are going to change architecture drastically and the U.S. needs to start moving forward.

– Kayla Schlosser




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