Gardens – Alex

19 11 2008

Recently we had a guest speaker discuss different solutions to gardening. The reason that I became intrigued by the concept of different gardens is because as a young adult living in a growing city I think that I became ignorant to the ideas that gardens could become something other then flowers or vegetables. The many types of gardens is actually something that can be explored and expanded on.

I think that in North America, the ideas of gardens is somewhat standard. Because a large majority of people live in houses with small, poster stamp backyards, it is hard to develop the idea or concept of what could be or turn into a garden. Not to mention the fast pace societies people live in, and the assumption that gardens take up time and energy.

Keeping this in mind, I think that the knowledge of various other types of gardens can help people to explore and understand various types of gardens and perhaps create something that better suits their living circumstances.

For instance, I have a relatively small backyard with a low amount of sunlight entering in, especially past the areas that are already fenced. A garden I may decide to invest in would be a large amount of shrubs, which grow over time, and use a low amount of direct sunlight. This particular garden also does not require a large amount of time to maintain, and can preserve itself in the different seasons that Winnipeg has.

A garden for someone that lives perhaps outside of the city, and has a large landscape to experiment with would be an all natural garden, that requires a large amount of space and relatively no work. This garden essentially lets the natural plants grow to their full potential. Eventually the natural habitat will take over. Even though this method may not be fully as appealing to the eye as perhaps a rose garden, it benefits in other ways. For example, wildlife will enter the area with more east, and it allows for insects to habitat in and around the garden, which can be used for all natural pesticides. Not to mention that it does not take any work to maintain and allows for a great view of what the natural world around you can offer.

With all the different varioations in mind, I think that exploring the different landscapes and vegetation, can help to create a garden that is right for you and your home. I also think that looking at a garden in this way instead of simply a eye cather may help people to explore  and appreciate the natural environment around them.




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