Earth’s Landscape- Alex

18 11 2008


In today’s class we had a guest speaker that talked about the earth and landscape changing over time. He discussed how certain landscapes shape our land, and how over time those specific areas change and evolve.  David Nash followed a boulder for thirty odd years. His purpose was to trace the boulder in its natural state, to see how it moved, or physically changed, over time. He followed the boulder till it reached the ocean, and could no longer be traced.

                The idea of the natural environment changing is something that we all seem to realize is going on, but do we actually understand it. We certainly don’t embrace it. When we predict erosion we try and prevent it. We pluck weeds, and replant trees. We build dams to lead water where we want it to go. People have various ways and methods of manipulating the earth’s natural ways to that which suit our needs. 

                Because our studio project is forcing me to think about the earth and its natural process as opposed to the manmade processes, I am intrigued by what exactly would happen if we no longer forced the landscape to become something that only suits our needs. What if the earth could change over time and we let it. Could we not as a culture learn to live with the natural ways of our earth? Could we not incorporate our natural landscape into our lives? What would the benefits be? Less maintenance, more natural feel and better for the earth. What if we stopped trying to control everything? Mankind enjoys power. If we gave some of it up, how would we live? I think a society that incorporated the natural environment into the lives of people rather than destroyed it is something to consider.





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