Class Notes for Nov. 13th: Lauren Pritchard

16 11 2008

Thursdays class was split up into two lectures. The first about sustainable development, the second about gardens. The lecture addressing sustainable development covered stream erosion, grey water recycling systems, and retention ponds. Over the past couple of years what is efficient sustainable development has changed. Extensive research had been done on the subject, and we now have more accurate knowledge of what it is that we need to incorporate into our design to create a sustainable spaces. An example of this that was mentioned in the lecture was neighborhood retention ponds. 

Retention Ponds: “Retention ponds capture diverted storm water runoff from these surfaces.    The ponds provide two primary services.    First, they retain the runoff before releasing it into streams. They release the water at flow rates and frequencies similar to those that existed under natural conditions.    The flood volume held in a retaining pond reduces the impact on downstream storm water systems.  The second benefit of the retaining ponds is that they provide pollutant removal through settling and biological uptake( ).” 10 years ago developers were incorporating retention ponds into neighborhoods to handle storm water, these ponds were designed and maintenanced to look very aesthetically pleasing, almost like a large pool of water. However a new trend in retention ponds is to preserve more natural of a feel, which also contributes to a better functioning pond. Designers now are incorporating traditional pond grasses, and weeds.

Natural Retention Pond








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