Laurens Blog: Class Notes from Nov 16th

15 11 2008

In Thursdays class, site planning was discussed. 

What I found particularly interesting about the guest speakers lecture on site planning was his mention of Site Planning Concerns for Topography. Some of the concerns mentioned were:

1.Slope: 2.Drainage 3.Layout of Roads and Structures 4. Climate Control 5. Vegetation

Topography must always be considered in site planning,  because it plays a big part in the “natural systems of a site. For example topography controls flow of surface water, controls pattern of erosion and sedimentation, influences soil formation and vegetative growth, controls flow of surface water, as well as it influences the micro-climate.” []

Slope plays a huge part in site planning. As a designer we must calculate the slope of the land and build according to slope form. The 5 basic slope forms are “1.Straight 2.Convex 3.Concave 4.S-shaped 5. Irregular”[]

When slope is not calculated correctly or the site is not designed with the slope in mind catastrophic problems can occur. Deforestation,and drainage alteration can occur if slope is not considerd.


Minnimum and maximum slope limits should be implemented in site planning.



This is a Good site I found for information on Topography and Site Planning:




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