The moving of the red river- Monica

14 11 2008

In the last class our guest speaker spoke about the effects rivers can have on the surrounding land. Rivers are constantly evolving, changing their shape and position on the landscape. This got me thinking about how the red river can have an affect on the surrounding city. We all know that when the river floods it has terrible repercussions on the surrounding areas, however there is also a some what hidden danger to the river that may go unnoticed because it is a slow process. This is the erosion of the river into the surrounding city, rivers over a long period of time change their position as they meander over the surface and it is only a matter of time before the effects will be seen in Winnipeg. We therefore have to plan for the future taking into account the fact that the river is changing.

An example of where the river is having devastating affects of the surrounding area is along the riverbanks of the rivers in Bangladesh. The Hijla river is eroding into the land at a rate of 200 meters a year. This is having devastating affects on the local people because houses, farm land and whole towns are being destroyed at great speed.

Eroded river bank at Haimchar< The land is being eaten up by the river at an alarming rate, and there is nothing that the people  can do about it only watch as it slowly claims their much needed land. The only thing the local people can do is to try and salavage the construction materials from their homes before they are swept away.




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