Eco Machines- Steph M

14 11 2008

Eco machines are used to naturally purify water. The “machine” or system is composed of separated ecological systems where the waste water flows through. Each separate ecological system has different organisms which thrive on the pollutants in the water.  Once the organism eats the pollutants in the pool, the water cycles to the next and more waste replaces it.  Some of the organisms that are commonly found in these systems are various plants, snails, clams, fish, fungi, and bacteria. Once the water has gone through these treatments it is clean and possibly even drinkable. If every house had this system in the back yards then the amount of wasted water would be reduced drastically. If people weren’t comfortable drinking this water, it could still be used for many other things within the house and clean water that comes from a plant could be used as strictly drinking water. This would eliminate a lot of the water waste problems and would extend the clean water a lot farther.

South Burlington Vermont has installed an Eco machine as the city’s water treatment. Installed by Dr. John Todd, this water treatment system was situated near a residential area and was much more aesthetically pleasing and more cost efficient. As it is situated in a greenhouse, this system looked more like a garden then a treatment facility and was a great tool to the surrounding areas.






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