Heating Floors and Walls (Alex)

12 11 2008

I recently have been overviewing how new homes have heating flooring. The idea behind this is that underneath the floors (hardwood, ceramic etc) their is metal tubing, which water travels in. When the water is heated, and travels to the piping under the floors, it gives enough heat to the floors that we walk on. (More information on this can be found in the site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underfloor_heating)

I started to think about this idea, and wondered what if people used this similar technique to heat other areas of their house. For instance, if this tubing was included in the walls, could it potentially heat the entire room. Enough heating could also de3crease the amount of energy that is needed from using the furnace or heaters to supply heat to the rooms.

What if also water that has previously been used, such as in showers or sinks, could be transferred or stored in these pipes to alternately heat the room around you. The energy used in this way could also be reused in a different way. Reusing energy would mean less cost for the consumer and better for the e. Although I am not naive to the fact that their are problems to this concept such as the sustainability of the walls, it is very interesting to think that an idea like this could occur and potentially change our heat and energy is a large way.




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