Green Community (Alex)

11 11 2008

Today’s guest speaker talked alot about different green communities. Because new design today seems to be geared in the direction of green design, and making the world ecologically friendly green communities are starting to take a bigger and more prominent form. Green communities try to incorporate the natural landscape with the built. Some important aspects of a green community are that it tries to separate itself from the other built environments around it. For instance their may be a residential zone with schools and corner stores within walking or biking distance. Car transport is not the preferred form of transportation as walking or talking the bus. Green space is Incorporated into the yards and around the houses to larger degres. There is a emphasis on the maintaining parts of the natural environment around them (such as less  cutting down of trees) The may also be a emphasis on thinks such as green roofs, composting, recycling plants, and sustainable heating or electrical solutions. The entire idea revolves around the community being ecologically friendly and at least partially self-sustaining and no longer needing to rely on things such as cars or large strip malls to form a community. As discussed in class there are more and more cities that are trying to encourage the development of green communities, not only to help make the city (and county) more environmentally friendly and appealing but to also help to do their part in creating alternate means to living a green life. Although I do not live in a green community myself, by doing small things like composting and even creating my own garden, I can do my part in helping the earth be as sustainable as possible.

Some good examples of cities with green communities integrated into them are Toronto and Dubai, here are some websites to look at their green communites.




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