Energy Savings (Alex)

11 11 2008

Now that the cold of the winter season seems to be upon us, I noticed that the fur-nice and small heaters in my house seem to be running more and more. Obviously most households experience this through the winter cold, as we as humans have no intent of being cold as well. However as I noticed this increase in energy due to the consumption of heat from various sources I started to think about the possibilities that there may be alternate, and yet small solutions that could be made to the average house to cut down the energy and cost that winter brings to most houses.

I first looked at the areas of my house that seemed to be letting the most amount of cold air into it. Obviously these areas were the windows and the doors. To help keep the cold air out from the windows we actually bought a fairly inexpensive kit (around $10.00) that contains almost Saran wrap and tape to put around the window. This was fairly simple to install and creates a barrier keeping the cold air out.

I then looked at other area. The doors are hard to adjust, however we often do not use our patio door from the backyard in the winter, therefore decided to use a inexpensive easier that although keeps the door shut for the next fe month’s, will also keep most cold air out as well.

Walking around my house I noticed other small things. The fireplace was letting a large amount of cold in in. I placed a garbage bag over it to keep the cold air out. I guess you could also light a lot of fires 🙂

By the garage is also cooler. Although I could of insulate my entire garage, Rea search indicated that if your garage is insulated and connected to your house it will decrease the cold in the winter time. ( This is a very good energy saving technique.

Other small things like keeping you doors open so air can circulate, and having area rugs so laminate floors are not cold on your feet will help make you home more comfortable and use less energy during the winter time.




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