Bamboo Flooring

10 11 2008

A relatively new building material coming into the market in a pretty big way is bamboo flooring. Everyone wants hardwood floors nowadays and bamboo is an eco-alternative to that. Bamboo is actually about 10% harder than some hardwoods and it grows very quickly, only taking 5-6 years for it to reach full maturity. It also instantly regenerates meaning it is considered a renewable and sustainable resource. 

BambooVA.jpg Example of Bamboo Flooring

Teragren is a huge leader in bamboo flooring and bamboo products. Their products are shipped from China but they also believe in fair wages for workers in the plants, which is something that some businesses lack, because due to the nature of bamboo growth, it must be harvested typically from Asia. 

There are so many options open when building with Bamboo. This is just the beginning of looking at different building materials.

– Kayla Schlosser




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