Site Planning- Monica

7 11 2008

The planning of  a site takes much time and consideration there are many aspects that need to be taken into account when placing a building on a site, the selection of a site can affect how “green ” a building is going to be.  Good site planning minimizes site clearing and preservation of existing vegetation. The thoughtful placement of a building on a site promotes energy conservation by taking advantage of natural features such as topography, sunlight, shade and breezes. The careful placement of a building on a site should

  • minimize storm water run off
  • minimize habitat disturbance
  • protect open space
  • reduce the risk of erosion
  • save energy by providing for passive solar, natural ventilation, and day lighting

The orientation of a building on the site can save energy, by placing the building with the long side in line with the east- west axis, by doing this it will allow the highest winter solar gains, and the lowest summer solar gains. By doing this it will reduce energy costs caused by heating and cooling the building.

Keeping as much of the original vegetation will create shade and act as a barrier from the elements. The key to good site planning is the maximum utilization of the existing resources on the site. By doing this it will help to make the building fit better into the site and give it a sense of belonging in the space.




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