Site Planning and Riverbank Erosion in Winnipeg

6 11 2008

Riverbank erosion is an issue and a concern for Winnipeg and especially for people who live on that bank near the river. How can this be controlled, if it can be controlled, or how can we slow it down or prevent this from happening? In class today we talked about erosion and site planning concerns in terms of topography and soils. Where our university is situated in Winnipeg is right on the Red River riverbank. 

picture-11 Land Map of the University of Manitoba

The curves of the river bank due to the path the water takes is constantly eroding and measures are taken to try to reduce erosion. A few years ago when I took intro to Environmental Design, a guest speaker was in and was discussing options for the University. Eventually, the water will eat away enough at the bend, the water will be running straight through and a lake will be formed out of the bend. This is called an Oxbow lake and eventually, it will happen. 

oxbow Example of an Oxbow Lake on the right, the left is a river bend before it forms into a lake.

Winnipeg’s council is planning to spend millions and millions of dollars to stabilize riverbanks in Winnipeg. 

Article about stabilizing river banks. 

I like the idea this article had about the use of river taxis around Winnipeg. The convergence of the Assiniboine and Red River is something that shouldn’t hinder our roadways, we should be taking advantage of the convenience of these rivers. If there were ports to board a river transit system at the university, you could take the river all the way downtown. They are currently using the river with boats for tours during the summer, but you should expand this idea and create a type of transit system. Another connection in terms of the river is the bridge the two sides. Amenities are so close but yet so far away because you can’t just swim across the river. For example, across the river from the U of M is St. Mary’s Road, or St. Vital Centre. A huge centre where lots of Winnipeggers shop for practically anything. For students with limited transit and limited time, a bridge connecting these two places would be very convenient. This has been proposed, in many different forms, but when will the city stop proposing new ideas, and just build the damn thing. This idea has been proposed for years already, yet nothing done as of yet, to make this happen. I understand that things take time, but this is something that university students need to form the future of this campus. People want this campus to grow, but in what ways? I guess the new Bomber stadium comes first.

Article About Walking Bridge

New Bomber Stadium

– Kayla Schlosser




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