Red River College (Alex)

5 11 2008

After our information presentation at Jeld–Wen Windows we took some time to explore the campus of Red River College. Although I have driven by the Campus many times, I actually never actually took an entire tour of the inside of the college. It was extremely interested to explore. First entering the college is the main socializing and eating area. There is a main hall way that leads to other various parts of the campus. The interesting part of this area is that it is actually the outside of two old buildings attached by a newer development which created it into a inside area that gives it a rustic feel. The aspect that I enjoyed most about this area is that because they re-used the outsides of the buildings to help with the new inside of Red River College. I was glad to see how instead of simply tearing down the old buildings, the architects simply modified them to suit the needs of the school. I think that it is important to try and maintain the history of our city and other cities instead of simply destroying it to meet the needs better. Renovation on old city building can go a long way, and this is a great example of keeping the old in with the new. I also think that people appreciate the fact that we (the city) is not simply getting rid of the old to make room for the new but developing the old to help the new function better.

I also appreciate the challenges the architects had to deal with when dealing with the challenges of renovating the old buildings. Creating a large amount of light into the building would have been difficult because the brick from the old walls restricts the light in that area a great deal. The solution was a great deal of windows placed in the center to allow a huge amount of direct sunlight to enter into the area during daylight hours, which is usually when the largest amount of people are in school.

Overall I think the college renovations were extremely successful and allow for the history of the city to continue to be a part of the architectural aspect of Winnipeg.

Red River (Inside)                    

In part it kind of reminds me of the Engineering Building at the university of manitoba. (Notice the amount of natural light that is coming in)




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