Change, it will come.

5 11 2008

We are entering into a new era of design in which we need to find alternatives to our building materials and use these new materials in such a way that it is feasible for us to sustain ourselves. Through this course and others, it is interesting to learn about all the materials I would have never even thought about using, such as straw. 

The other day in Ecology and Design we toured the straw bale building on campus and how it runs and how they use solar panels and other techniques to heat and run their building. I learned that by using straw, which is built into the wall along with plaster is actually less fire resistant than normal walls and three times as energy efficient. 

This site answers a lot of questions dealing with straw bale buildings and how they are constructed and the benefits.

Straw Bail Building on Campus Actual straw bale building right on campus. Link to the site explaining it.

straw_bale_truth_window Story of how a family completely changed their way of life… for the better.

Taking initiatives like this is something I think people should think about when considering building a new home. I keep asking myself the same question, if this method is cheaper and better for the environment, why are building companies still just building the same type of homes we were building 100 years ago? As we are doing our site tours in studio, the old houses were the suburbs at one time and give the new houses 50 or so years and they are going to be the run down houses. Something needs to change, and soon.

– Kayla Schlosser




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