World Leading Windows and Doors

30 10 2008

Although I was unable to attend the Jeld-Wen field trip, I did some research on the company and came across some issues that caught my attention.

1.  The company employs over 20 000 people around the world.  Any company that creats jobs for people around the world is contributing to the success of the global economy.

2.  Their windows and doors are designed by a team of architects, designers, and builders.  This provides opportunities for a variety of professions, and opens my eyes to more things I could do with my design education.

3.  Most importantly, Jeld-Wen is committed to minimizing waste, and their overall impact on the environment and its resources.

They do this by ensuring that their products do not have to travel long distances from factory to consumer.

Jel-Wen has replanted over 3 million trees which contributes to the preservation of our forests and creating habitats for organisms that may have been displaced during the removal of trees for materials for their windows and doors.

Also, the products have a high energy efficiency and are Energy Star certified.  They have minimal operating costs which in turn will reduce amount of energy used to heat and cool homes.

I think that this company is doing a great job of providing an environmentally conscious product that plays a part in reducing our impact on the earth.  Jeld-Wen also has a foundation that supports communities and works towards a better future.  It’s mission statement is “The JELD-WEN foundation reaches out to communities where our employees live so that we may inspire good works and serve as a positive influence.  With a generous spirit and consistent focus, we support programs that strengthen families, improve neighborhoods and build better communitites” -

-Vikki Drapeau




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