Decisions, Decisions

30 10 2008

Today’s class really opened my eyes about decision making and the process that is required or should be required in order to make an educated decision. Before today I have never really thought about decision making as a process and now I realize how much easier life would be with a system such as the one discussed. When meeting with the infinite numbers of groups we have for studio, ecology and design and this class, natural and human systems it is very frustrating when you meet and don’t seem to get anything done in the time allotted because half the battle is finding a time to meet. Then once you meet, the time is limited because deadlines are looming. Thus the decision design outline laid out is as follows:

1. Leadership + commitment
2. Frame the problem
3. Develop goals, models + alternatives
4. Collect valued information
5. Manage risk + decide (Very important)
6. Develop Implementation Plan

Using these steps and following them sets out an easy plan to lay out a project, assess the risk and implement it. Assessing risk is a very important part of the design process which many people forget. Trying to figure out how the plan may fail could prevent it from failing all together. One part though that was not discussed which I feel is a very important part of any project is to go back after you finish your project and after you make the decisions and review what worked and what didn’t. This can completely change your view as you begin your next project to figure out how to best allot your time and make the most of your time because we normally do not have a lot of it. 

Using technology also eases the decision process by animating many options and turning them into quantitative data. These are programs though and techniques which would take quite a bit of research and playing around with to master. Which is hard for us being in school and being already ridiculously busy. 

Listening to this lecture though really benefitted me in terms of getting the most out of the time I have and how I can use it wisely.




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