Oceans and Waste as Energy- Steph

29 10 2008

The article “New Technology Turns Food Leftovers Into Electricity, Vehicle Fuels” talks about the process developed by UC Davis’ Biogas Energy facility, in California, which converts garbage into energy.  In my opinion this is a great way to solve two problems. It eliminates waste in the landfills as well as provides an alternative was to produce electricity. This process involves converting the waste to methane and hydrogen gases.

“Oceans Eyed as new energy source,” is an article from fox news that talks about using the Gulf Stream currents as a new way to produce energy. Nothing has been done yet to test this but scientists think that it is the solution to our energy problem. By installing underwater turbines the strong, constant current could eventually produce up to 10 times the amount of energy of a nuclear power plant. I think that this could be very successful. The current is constantly moving, providing constant energy and why not utilize natural current. It wouldn’t produce waste and it wouldn’t deplete anything. I do think that scientists must be careful when doing this though as they do not want to change any ocean currents as this could change climates around the world.  

– Steph M.




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