Climate Matters

29 10 2008

Living in Winnipeg you realize the importance of climate control when building a house. We have some of the coldest winters and hottest summers on this planet so we need to be able to control our temperature inside our homes to be comfortable. But how do they operate in different climates? Personally, I hate the cold, I am very excited for the day when I can afford and it is feasible for me to leave Canada for much warmer climates. A place where I would never have to plug my car in is what I aim for. Keeping this in mind, designing in climates such as that are much different I expect from how we design here. But how much different?

As I sat through and listened excitedly throughout the lecture of Matthias Schuler, the building practices he was describing were very interesting. A lot about sustainable building initiatives and examples which actually worked. Something which I found very intriguing was the idea of using plastic balls in cement roofs in order to take up space, but as a light weight option. Filling an entire cement roof or walls is a costly and a heavy way to build. As an ED2 student at times I feel very young yet eager to be able to learn all about the faculty and the practices of architects and the way design is moving. He talked about the current building of a city in Abu Dhabi called Masdar City. This city will have a zero carbon footprint. Things taken into account when building the city are the heat factor of Abu Dhabi because it is a very humid and hot area of the world. Designing the streets and creating wind tunnels of sorts is a very important factor of building Masdar City. Building in that sort of climate is a complete 180 from how we design here, it was very fascinating to listen to his lecture.

Masdar City 

More About Masdar City

Matthias Schuler

– Kayla Schlosser




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