Windows and Doors, Windows and Doors

28 10 2008

My mom use to say to me when I was little and if I had forgotten to close the door if I was trying to heat the outdoors. I use to laugh and say of course not and close the door but it never really stuck with me how much air actually escapes from our doors and windows each day, especially living in an environment which depends so much on insulation and letting the heat in the winter and the cool in the summer not escape from our house. How much air do our doors and windows let escape?

 Air Escape Chart

As you can see 21% of our home’s heat is lost from our windows and doors. How can we decrease this? By spending that extra buck on environmental friendly windows and doors that allow for very little energy transfer, your home will be secure for much longer against energy loss. By going to Jeld-Wen I learned many benefits of spending a bit more on windows and doors but gaining the piece of mind when your windows and doors are operating the best that they can. 

Jeld-Wen’s Web Site

Jeld-Wen is a leader in the industry in terms of sustainability as well, as they use recycled and reused material to create their interior doors and other products. They also use all their waste in some way or another, nothing is sent to the landfill. The materials used for building as well don’t travel very far to get to the building site. This promotes local business practices as well as reduces emissions created by transporting of goods. Jeld Wen is also a partner with the Green Building Initiative. 

By going on the tour of Jeld Wen I learned a lot about building green and gained more understanding of some of the barriers that are created by wanted to build green. It is more difficult and expensive to figure out some of the problems of transport and suppliers of materials but if you are passionate about building green, it is possible.

– Kayla Schlosser




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