Lauren’s Post: Jeld- Wen

28 10 2008

On Thursday October 23rd we took a class trip  to the Jeld Wen Windows and Doors Sales Center in Winnipeg.

Jeld -Wen is a window and door manufacturer out of Oregon. What makes Jeld Wen unique from other window and door manufactures is it’s environmentally friendly practices as well as products. The speaker on Thursday went over the practices of Jeld Wens productions, as well as the environmental and economic benefits these windows and doors provide homeowners. What I found particularly intresting about Jeld Wen was its use of vinyl in its production of windows and doors. I am aware that many windows and doors on the line are made out of vinyl mainly because of its low price and overall durability. However I am also aware of the environmental effects of vinyl. PVC is said to be the worst plastic for the environment(  So when the speaker explained that Jeld Wen uses in vinyl in the production of its windows and doors, I was a bit skeptical. However after doing a little more research on the companies use of this plastic, I am convinced that there is significant reason to use this material in producing windows and doors. First of all addressing the environmental effects of vinyl, vinyl does not break down or degrade in landfills which is a major reason why it is said to be a very bad material for environment, although this is true it does not break down easily it Can for this reason, line landfills so harmful pollutants do not seep into the land, also vinyl can be and is much of the time recycled and turned into new products. As a company Jeld-Wen recycles its excess vinyl, regrinding it with virgin vinyl, putting it right back into production, making this a very sustainable practice. As for its benefits for homeowners, “vinyl is the most energy efficient major plastic”( Increasing the heating performance of the home. Vinyl is also a very economical choice for the homeowner. Vinyl not only saves homeowners money by lowering there energy bill, but because vinyl has a very long lifecycle due to its durability, vinyl ends up saving homeowners even more money because homeowners do not have to replace expensive w as often. So although vinyl in the past has been considerd a bad material for the environment, with recycling and smart practices we can reduce its impact and take advantage of its economical, thermal, and durable benefits.




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6 11 2008

I just recently bought my Jeld-wen windows at and everything went really well. I highly recommend checking out their website.

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