Jeld Wen tour- Monica

28 10 2008

our trip to Jeld wen opened my eyes to how companies can become more environmentally friendly by just making a few changes to their existing produce. Jeld Wen are proof that you can make cost affective products that are good for the environment. they make an active effort to through out the production process, they make sure that products do not have to travel very far from factory to consumer, by doing this they have minimized green house gas emissions. They also use a process on their doors and windows that reduces Volatile Organic Compound emissions, it was developed to combat wood rot and fungal infestation in the wood. These doors and windows come in with a 20 year warranty against wood decay and termite infestation which proves that the company are confident in the lasting power of there products. BY protecting these products from water damage and infestation the products have a longer life span which means less doors and windows need to be made which in turn is better for the environment.

Jeld Wen also practice responsible forest management,in the past 20 years they have planted nearly 3 million trees and timber harvests never exceed  timber growth.

Along with the above mentioned processes under taken by Jeld Wen to be more environmentally friendly they also recycle all products used in manufacturing.

All and all this company is impressive in its measure it takes to save the world however it would be nice to see something done about the windows that are being replaced. If even some of the waste could be recycled it would make a major difference.




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