Windows (Alex)

27 10 2008

To be completly honest, before I went on the tour to Jen-weld, I thought that learning about windows and doors would be very boring, and that I would be uninterested in the entire process. The truth is, even though I can’t say windows are my favorite thing to talk about or learn for that matter, I do now have a better understanding of the importance of knowledge regarding windowns and doors especially with the carrer that I want to pursue.

It is true, windows and doors are probably one, if the the most expesnvie part to building a house. The glass the design, the labor makes it an extremenly high priced. However with that in mind, and with the knowledge that you will be paying that amount of money to put in or replace the windows in your home, I think knowing something about windows would be of great value.

For instance, now with new windows, you can get pvc windows which are more enrgy efficient and would reduce your energy bills. as opposed to older wood model windows. Also with the new green movement, you can invest in windows which are made of partly recyceled materials, which inturn helps conserve out enviornment.

Although these are not huge issues, I think that if you are going to invest $2,000 on a window, which will lat you 20 years, make it energy efficient so it can pay for itself, and maybe help the environment in the proccess. What great information to offer a client, and what good knowledge to have for a person designing a house, say perhaps and architect. đŸ™‚

Thi is a window from Jen-Weld. What would you say the most imortant part of the room is?




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