Roses (Alex)

27 10 2008

I thought that while talking about colours and the different meanings of colours it was kind of interesting how different colours have specific meanings. For example the rose. There are many different colours of roses and all have a specific meaining  them. Your boyfriend or husband for example would more likely give you a red rose because is symbolizes passion. On your wedding day you may have a mixture of red and white roses, symbolizing passion and innocence. A friend may give you a orange rose to show friendship and enthusiasm. I find this interesting especially while studding design because roses are not the only vegetation that has meaning with colour. For instance, lilies and grass sometimes represent tranquillity and are soft whites and greens. You may see this in a meditation garden. Sunflowers may represent happiness and brightness. When someone had a rock garden or sand instead of vegetation it may represent solitude.

Look around you you may be surprised with all of the different colours of plats and vegetation. you may also be surprised about the emotion the comes out from you when you see that plant, like a rose.




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