Jeld-Wen Tour- Steph

27 10 2008

After visiting the Jeld-Wen showroom I became aware of the many options there are when it comes to installing windows and doors in your home. As this is the only way to bring natural light into your house, it is important to consider your different options. As the glass that is used in the windows is all the same, your main choices are size and frame composition. Although the vinyl windows would not be my choice to use, Jeld-Wen has worked very hard at finding new ways to develop this product so it is better for the environment when customers do choose to use it. The vinyl windows and patio doors have a long life span as plastic is a very durable material, causing them to be replaced less often and reducing the number in landfills. The scraps caused from the assembly of the doors and windows are also sent back to the Jeld-Wen supplier so that they can be broken down and reused to create new products. The wood doors and windows have also gone through extensive research in order to make them more environmentally friendly as well. Jeld-Wen has developed a waterproof coating for the wood that is more effective and better for the environment. This new coating penetrates deeper into the wood than the previous coating and protects against wood rot and water absorption causing your windows and doors to last. After looking around the show room the windows and doors that caught my eye were those with wood as well as the ones with copper. I also think that big windows are effective as they let in more natural sunlight reducing the need for artificial light.The lecture we received while on the tour also mentioned being a part of the AIA Centre of Architecture building restoration in Portland.  There is some information and more pictures at These pictures are the before picture of the building in 1917 and the building in 2006 and the building in November of 2007 during renovations.












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