The Mighty Powers of Colour

25 10 2008

With what we have been learining in class and the research I have done, I am coming to realize that colour has more of an impact on our response as humans than I previously thought.  Colour influences our mood and psychological well-being but it also can be used to treat our physical health and well being.  This is where colour therapy comes into play. From my understanding, this therapy uses ceratin colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) that pertain to certain locations on the body or the “shakras” of the body.  When the colour is applied to these points on the body, balance is restored and physical and mental well being is improved.

The ways this colour can be applied is through:

1.  Using a lightbox with coloured filters

2.  Meditation

3.  Coloured silks

4.  Solarized water

5.  Colour breathing

6.  Self help colour therapy

My awareness of the meaning of colour is expanding more and more.  Our world would not be the same without colour.  Colour adds dimension, vividness, and complexity to our lives.  It’s implications and associations are different for each individual.  It is important to understand the monumental importance of colour in our lives, the lives of others, and what our lives would be like without hue.

-Vikki Drapeau

References: image and ideas on colour therapy from




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