“Live in rooms full of light.” -Cornelius Celsus

25 10 2008

The lecture on architectural lighting was very ineresting and presented in an informative manner.  One by one the topics in class are beginning to build an understanding of the basic elements of our surroundings that I often overlook.  Lighting has so many elements it should be a science.  As humans we are dependent on it, without it our existence may be comprimised.  There is a great essay called The Effect of Light on Humans by Joseph Brennan that talks about everything from how the eye recieves light to our requirements of light to stimulate melatonin production.  I strongly reccomend checking it out, the link for this paper is: http://www.ile.org.uk/uploads///File/News/Brennan%20–%20Effects%20of%20Light%20on%20humans%20–%20full%20version.pdf

Light is crucial to our vision, it creates shades and shadows and in a world of darkness there would be no colour.  Our eyes are very complex structures capableof translating and reading our surrounding world.  Many factors, lighting being a major one, affect the way the eye works and percieves the environment.

-Vikki Drapeau




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