Lighting Solutions (Alex)

25 10 2008

You have to wonder why in the year of 2008, alternate lighting solutions have not been taken advantage of to bigger degrees. Simply turning a light on and off is not longer the best or most affordable solution. In fact actually turning a light on and off rather then just leaving it on for 15 more min could actually be wasting more energy then it is saving. So what are some of these energy lighting solutions.

Motion Light SensorWhen movement is detected, the Mace Sensor Light will activate a gentle soft illumination and automatically switch off in 15 seconds. The sensor alarm has a daylight sensor; it will only operate in the dark and can scan a 6 meter (19′) range at 90°. (

Dual Technology Occupancy Sensors – utilize both PIR (passive infrared) and sound detection to sense motion. This enables the sensors to detect large motion to turn on lighting loads and use Microphonics technology to keep the lights on. This approach is particularly useful if parts of the space are obstructed from the sensor’s view. (

Indoor Daylight Sensor – The Daylight Sensor has 1 relay output, 1 contact output and an enable/disable input. The WPC-5621K Sensor detects the combined natural and artificial light levels and when the light level exceeds the set value, it switches OFF the light. To compensate for the sudden decrease in light measured, the sensor has an adjustable ‘deadband’ that prevents the sensor from switching the light back ON. The light level measured has to drop below the deadband to switch the light back ON. (

These are only some of the many options now available for lighting in your home or business. All greatly reduce energy and costs and help the stability and sustainability of the environment. Given that they are more expensive, with constant use the payback will be great in the end.

motion sensors motion detector motion sensor






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