Lighting- Monica

22 10 2008

I found the class on lighting really interesting it was interesting to hear about the how lighting had evolved through the years and the different types of  bulbs that we now use on a day to day basis and the efficiency of the different types. However one thing from this lecture really stood out for me and that was the effect that lighting has on shift workers health, it has been linked to breast and skin cancer, because of light exposure at night.

After the lecture i did some research on the effects that light has on health and i found that people in western countries might receive too little light exposure, which causes lower mood and a lower feeling of well being and also physiological systems including immune responses are affected by light and the circadian rhythm entrainment and there is potential for more serious health risks.

I also found that light at night can affect health because it delays the circadian rhythm and this is why it has affects on shift workers who are exposed to light during the night.

I found some solutions that may help these problems and these are:

Putting lights closer to the eye so more light is absorb and also less light is wasted by filling the whole room rather than what the eye is looking at.

By having only bright surfaces in the home and offices it reflects light rather than absorbing it like dark surfaces

Making sure that street lights are not excessively bright and do not shine into house and especially bedrooms.

and finally making sure that you spend time out side even if it cloudy it still has positive affects on health.




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