The Eye (Alex)

17 10 2008

The Eye

In the lecture on lighting, I started to think about the concept of the eye and what exactly the eye sees, and how important that sight is to your daily life and activities. The eye is really the basis of all that we see. Without the eye, without sight there would be no need to study light energy or the many ways that light can be perceived or change. People’s image would not matter, The image of buildings would not matter, being afraid of the dark or night time would seize to exist. But there is sight, and people’s vision is more or less accessible due to the amount of light that the eye can pick up on. But it is not just the light. The eye is related to what we see, and we can understand what we see because we experienced it. The experiences that the eye gives us are actually a extremely meaningful part of our lives. Even when a child sees its mother, it smiles because it recognizes her and knows what she means to them. Although that same child may not recognize what a man on the street with a gun is, even though it sees him, because it had not experienced it before and is too young to know anything about, it cannot understand the meaning and therefore danger of that man. This I discovered is a pretty significant statement that throughout the entire body the eye seems to be responsible for generally the most of what is known and eventually understood. But then again, how such a small part of our body could be responsible for such a large part of our lives is also extremely substantial.

What do you see, remember?

How does it effect your emotions, judjements?









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