Colour Therapy by Monica

16 10 2008

Colour therapy is a complimentary therapy dating back thousands of years, that can achieve good health and well being. There are seven main centres in the body that correspond to the seven colours of the rainbow. Each spectrum colour is simply light of varying wavelengths and because of this each colour has its own particular energy.

So here are the basics of how colour therapy affects the inner running of the body. Each of the seven centres of the body has a chakra which is like a spiral of energy,  and each of these spirals relate to each other. Each wheel needs to run smoothly with the others to ensure there is a balance of these energy’s i.e the smooth synchronized running of these wheels achieves good health and well being. Colour therapy can help to re balance these wheels and ensure smooth running, by applying the appropriate colour to the body.

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The colour is absorbed by the skin, eyes and the skull, the energy of the colour that we absorb affects us in many ways, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Every cell in the body needs light energy therefore colour energy has widespread affects on the whole body. There are many different was of getting the colour into the body these are: Solarized water, Light boxes/ lamps with colour filters, colour silks, and hands on healing using colour.

Colour   Chakra
Violet Violet - crown chakra Crown
Indigo Indigo - brow chakra Brow
Blue Blue - throat chakra Throat
Green Green - heart chakra Heart
Yellow Yellow - solar plexus  chakra Solar Plexus
Orange Orange - sacral chakra Sacral
Red Red - base chakra Base




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