Benefits of Daylighting: Lauren Pritchard

16 10 2008

“Rising ecological awareness,combined with new insights into the psychological and physical effects of daylight and daylight deprivation, have sparked a number of research initiatives worldwide that study the potential of daylight for decreasing energy consumption, reducing carbon-dioxide emissions and improving the well-being of our buildings’ inhabitants.” Dr. Mallory- Hill’s discussion of the use of daylighitn in architecture, encouraged me to do further research on the issue. I like the idea of utilizing as much natural lighting as physical possible. Capturing the natural light  in a space through windows is a the idea. Designers are incorporating day lighting into their designs in order to reduce our dependency on electrical lighting, at the same time reducing energy costs. In addition to its large consumption of energy, some believe electrical lighting can also  have damaging effects to ones health.

“Day lighting has the potential to significantly improve life-cycle cost, increase user productivity, reduce emissions, and reduce operating costs”


 “…different building orientations will benefit from different daylighting strategies; for example light shelves which are effective on south façades are often ineffective on the east or west elevations of buildings.”




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