Week Five Links and Data Collection

16 10 2008

I researched sites in which you can play with different colours and you can see the different effects it makes on your thoughts of the project. 

This first one, you can change the colour palette of a house and you can literally see the difference it makes for each one, and each one gives you a different sense. 

Colour Changer for a Colonial Home

This building is just painted as a very very vibrant project and just is an example of what I would call, a bit overboard but portrays a very friendly feel.

Crazy Vibrant Building

As colour changes, of course as we have talked about you get a different feel but also during different times of the day you require different amounts of light in order to be comfortable. This is a bus shelter that changes color and the amount of light it gives off during the day. Very forward thinking bus shelter. Probably wouldn’t keep Winnipeggers very warm though.

Futuristic Bus Shelter

We soon will have no reason to be upset because I think there will be a solution for many of man’s problems, one of which, is what color of car to own? Of course, there are much larger issues in the world but this is something that I know plagues many people, especially when buying new. So many colours give you such different feelings and some days you want to be the one to drive that hot red car, then somedays you want to drive the responsible white or silver car. What if you didn’t have to choose, you could drive it all? They are coming up with ways for us to be able to do that.

Colour Changing Car

– Kayla Schlosser




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