Colour and Form or Colour vs. Form?

15 10 2008

When I think of architecture I think of form and process and in the end product, a building. In my initial thoughts, colour doesn’t come into play in the design process until much later on, but colour is in fact, a vital part of any design. With the right colour or the wrong colour, the design can completely lose its appeal and purpose.

Building With Orange Door

 The orange door mixed with the gray building either makes the door really pop or creates a tacky, awkward building. Typically will depend on the viewer.

As we’ve been working in class and in studio though, I am getting a better understanding of colour and it’s proper use in architecture and in projects to emphasize what our goal is. 

For example: I feel in this next building the sense of it being a very prestigious building in Regina is lost because of the colours on the exterior of the building. It seems a bit child-like in a sense and seems a bit too playful. 

 Building in Regina

The one thing I have noticed from doing a bit of research is that a lot of countries, besides ours and the U.S. will use a lot of colour in their architecture and their buildings feel very vibrant and alive in a sense. What comes to mind is Greece and Mexico in terms of colour. 

 Building in Singapore

Through Vaike’s lectures I feel I have learned a lot about colour and it’s use in architecture practices. Even the smallest detail of your project needs to be thought about in terms of colour because as we learned, it can sway the mood of the viewer.

– Kayla Schlosser




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