Colour Therapy- Steph

14 10 2008

The last lecture’s topic was again colour.  In this lecture though, we talked about how colour is used as a healing method. I found a clinic in New Zealand that performs colour therapy with the Liley system.  This clinic is the Brooker Clinic. With the Liley system of colour therapy, a patient is connected with a bracelet and wire to a coloured tabulation. The frequency wavelength of a colour is matched to that of the disease and through the tabulation, the disease becomes neutralised.  

It has been proven by scientists that all things vibrate. We all know that each colour has a certain wavelength but we might not know that diseases, or the microbes that make up the diseases, do as well. Brooker’s Clinic has found a way to match the frequencies of the colours with those of the diseases. After taking a sample of the disease, they match it by either mixing or by using coloured swabs and testing the colours against the disease vibrations.  Once diagnosed, the patient wears a wired bracelet which is connected to the colour machine. Brooker’s Clinic’s theory is that once connected to the colour machine, it emits radio waves through the coloured swabs, picks up the colour vibration and is then carried to you through your wristband. The vibrations then travel through your bloodstream thus treating you and removing the disease from your body. This method does not work for all injuries and illnesses. It is specifically used for viral, parasitical, bacterial and fungal diseases.  

I found this information at

– Steph M.




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