Energy (alex)

14 10 2008

After just finishing the project we did on converting our daily actions to a energy scale, I think it is remarkable how much energy we use on a daily basis. For example,if I consume 2000 calories on a daily basis from food intake, I will burn almost 500 of those calories off just by sleeping.  (1 calories per minute, 8hrs) walking even the minimal amount will burn almost another 500 and other activities like drawing or doing homework will burn almost 1 1/2 per minute. you really don’t have to do alot of physical labor to burn a large amount of calories. I eat fairly sensibly and most of those calories are from carbohydrates and fruits and vegetables, so my fat intake is low, therefor if I continue to do even minor activities during the day I have enough energy to maintain my lifestyle and am not storing any access fat. AMAZING. It is also interesting to find out that if I were to eat 1/2 as much I would not have enough energy to get me through the day, or loose a significant amount of weight. As if I were eating twice as much, i would probably gain extra weight. So listen to your body, it knows best, if is saying to eat EAT, but don’t over do it on fatty foods, energy should balance itself out (at least somewhat)




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