Colour (alex)

14 10 2008

The sense of different colours seem to provoke different meanings. I had the chance to experiment with this lately. I find it very interesting how certain colors are loved by some, and hated by others. Every person can evoke different experiences through different colours. Blue for example. I love the colour blue. It reminds me of the ocean. I love to swim. Something about the water is so freeing. i learnt to swim at an early age so their is no fear of water or drowning. However, to someone who cannot swim, or who fears the ocean or what lies beneath the ocean, the colour blue may be extremely scary. Instead of blue being a free and clean colour for me, to them it may evoke fear and darkness.


Mabey the reason why different people feel different emotions and memories are because of different experiences that they encounter through their lives. More or less the colour white resembles purity to me, cleanliness, perhaps because of snow, when it snow everything turns white and crisp, like it is being washed and the snow will melt and clean everything. To a person who doesn’t experience snow, may not understand how I feel this, how white reminds me of snow.

Maybe our memories and experience’s good and bad shape how we recall things (colours, smells, sights) and evoke our feelings about rather we feel we would like to see our smell or revisit that particular colour again.

What colour do you like best??




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