Colour Part 2: Lauren Pritchard

13 10 2008

Thursdays class we again covered the topic of colour. 

In this lecture we focused on colours influence in the built environment. Colour can make a huge imapct on a buildings appearance, as well as its function. Colour as discussed in my previous blog can dictate ones feelings and emotions. An appropriate colour selection in the built environment dictates a persons interpretation, and feelings of the space.  “Colour (yellow and red, for instance, are called “gay,” black and deep blue “sombre”) are independent of materials and forms, and they give the architect a range of expression not provided by other means at his disposal. A different expressive device is provided by the great range of light reflection in the colour scale. Colours that reflect light brilliantly appear to advance toward the viewer, and those that absorb light appear to recede; the degree of projection and recession of architectural forms may be altered, emphasized, or subdued by the colours of their surfaces”  (

Discussed in Thursdays lecture were a few built environments that I thought made an exceptional use of colour.

-Dalki Theme Park ( south Korea):Dalki Store / Theme Park This is beautiful design that makes great use of colour. Theme parks generally look very tacky, due to the vibrant colours used. However these vibrant colours are what give the park its life and character, a theme park would not be the same without them. Dalki Theme park in south Korea does a beautiful job of collaborating design and colour into a playful yet aesthetically pleasing environment.

– Solar City Centere ( Linz- Pichling, Austria): This community design incorporates design, sustainable practices, and colour in a beautiful housing community. This is the attention to every detail is what makes great design. Not only did the designers of this centere consider sustainable practices in their green design, but they also considered the importance of colour in the aesthetics of this centere.




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